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"RE-5 / RE-10" — REMOVER


Concentrated detergent.
Remover is a concentrated detergent: added to water, it provides an ideal formula to wash spray-guns and accessories stained with water-based paint. It is recommended for all models of water spray-gun washer, both automatic and manual. It is supplied in 5 and 10 litre packings.
Technical features: - Non-flammable - Low-foam - Keeps diaphragm pumps, pipes and spraying nozzles clean - Inhibits dirt from depositing on the internal walls of the spray-gun washer, and facilitates cleaning - Lowers the formation of cakes on the paint/water separation filters, making it easy to remove them. Filters are therefore re-usable - After coagulation, the product can be re-used.
If used cold, it greatly improves spray-gun washing also when paint stains are partially dry.
If used hot, it is ideal and allows for a fast and thorough cleaning of spray-guns also with totally dry paint blots.


Concentrated detergent for water paint

  • Concentrated water-dilutable detergent
  • New formulation with very few foam
  • Used cold: it improves spray-gun washing also with dry paint.
  • Used hot: it halves washing time and allows a thorough cleaning with dry paint too
  • Keeps pump, hoses and washing nozzles clean
  • Prevents dirt from forming inside spray-gun washer body
  • Product is re-usable after coagulation
  • 5-15% dilution in water